2023 TRIM Informational Supplement2023 TRIM Informational Supplement
Homestead ExemptionHomestead Exemption
Save Our Homes & PortabilitySave Our Homes & Portability
How Millage Affects Your TaxesHow Millage Rates Affect Your Taxes
Married? Divorced? Widowed?Married? Divorced? Widowed?
Difference Between a Property Appraiser and Tax CollectorDifference Between a Property Appraiser and Tax Collector
New Home Buyer TimelineNew Home Buyer Timeline
Property Damage InformationProperty Damage Information
Limited Income Senior ExemptionLimited Income Senior Exemption
Bill of RightsBill of Rights
Tangible Personal PropertyTangible Personal Property
Business Marketing Tools WEBBusiness Marketing Tools
Truth in Millage (TRIM)Truth in Millage (TRIM Notice)
Agricultural ClassificationAgricultural Classification
Free Data ReportsFree Data Reports
Can I rent my homestead property?Can I rent my homestead property?
Disabled VeteranDisabled Veteran