Agricultural classification is a real estate tax savings benefit for property owners that use their land primarily for bona fide commercial agricultural uses. "Bona fide use" means good faith, commercial agricultural use of the land with the intent of earning a profit from the production and sale of a farm product. Animals kept for petting zoos, sanctuaries, personal uses, hobbies, or education do not qualify. 

This benefit results in the land being valued based on the probable income from normal agricultural use. This is often substantially less than market value. The agricultural use must be in place on or before January 1st of the year which the ag classification is requested. Only the land acreage that is being used for agriculture can receive this classification. This benefit does not apply to buildings. (Florida Statute 193.461)

Questions and Answers

Have you ever wondered if your property qualifies for agricultural classification? Or, if you already have ag classification and want to introduce agritourism activities to your property, how may your agricultural classification be affected?
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Agricultural Use Guidelines


Common Misconceptions About Agricultural Classification and Code Enforcement

I have agricultural classification on my property and I want to build an outbuilding. Do I need to pull a permit?
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While specific, these are only guidelines. The granting of all or part of an application for agricultural classification is made only after all relevant information on the parcel has been analyzed by the Property Appraiser.