This is the "reverse" side of the homestead exemption application and must be read before printing and completing the "Department of Revenue Original Application for advalorem Tax Exemption" application.

This application must be filed with the property appraiser on or before March 1st.

The information contained in this application will be provided to the Department of Revenue and may also be provided to any state in which the applicant has previously resided. Social Security Numbers will remain confidential pursuant to 193.074 Florida Statutes.

Notice: A tax lien can be imposed on your property pursuant to 196.161, Florida Statutes.

Section 196.161 (1) provides:

(1)(a) "When the estate of any person is being probated or administered in another state under an allegation that such person was a resident of that state and the estate of such person contains real property situate in this state upon which homestead exemption has been allowed pursuant to s. 196.031 for any year or years within 10 years immediately prior to the death of the deceased, then within 3 years after the death of such person the property appraiser of the county where the real property is located shall, upon knowledge of such fact, record a notice of tax lien against the property among the public records of that county, and the property shall be subject to the payment of all taxes exempt thereunder, a penalty of 50 percent of the unpaid taxes for each year, plus 15 percent interest per year, unless the circuit court having jurisdiction over the ancillary administration in this state, determines that the decedent was a permanent resident of this state during the year or years an exemption was allowed, whereupon the lien shall not be filed or, if filed, shall be canceled of record by the property appraiser of the county where the real estate is located. (b) In addition, upon determination by the property appraiser that for any year or years within the prior 10 years a person who was not entitled to a homestead exemption was granted a homestead exemption from advalorem taxes, it shall be the duty of the property appraiser making such determination to serve upon the owner a notice of intent to record in the public records of the county a notice of tax lien against any property owned by that person in the county, and such property shall be identified in the notice of tax lien. Such property which is situated in this state shall be subject to the taxes exempted thereby, plus a penalty of 50 percent of the unpaid taxes for each year and 15 percent interest per annum. However, if a homestead exemption is improperly granted as a result of a clerical mistake or omission by the property appraiser, the person improperly receiving the exemption shall not be assessed penalty and interest. Before any such lien may be filed, the owner so notified must be given 30 days to pay the taxes, penalties, and interest.

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