This Homestead Portability Calculator dollar and tax estimates are based on the following assumptions and mathematical assumptions:

  • This tax estimator assumes the referenced property is homesteaded.
  • The final millage rates are used to calculate the estimated property tax on the proposed property purchase.
  • The estimated tax range reflects an estimate of taxes based on the information provided by the input values.
  • The maximum portability benefit that can be transferred is $500,000.
  • This estimator assumes that the application for the new homestead is made within 3 years of January 1st of the year the original homestead was abandoned.
  • Tax savings due to the second $25,000 homestead exemption exclude the school taxes.
  • This estimator calculates the estimated Ad Valorem taxes only. It is understood that estimated Non-Ad Valorem taxes must be added to the estimated Ad Valorem taxes to obtain the full estimated property taxes of the proposed property (i.e. trash, drainage taxes or special assessments). For information on Non-Ad Valorem taxes, please call the Martin County Tax Collector's office at 772-288-5600. The Property Appraiser's office does not maintain Non-Ad Valorem tax information.
  • For purposes of calculation, additional exemptions such as senior citizen low income, widow and widower, disability, blind disability, non-profit, etc., are not accounted for by this estimator. For assistance in calculating estimated taxes when such exemptions are applicable, please contact the Martin County Property Appraiser's Office for additional clarification.
  • This tax estimator assumes purchaser has 100% of the equitable title of the referenced property. No portion of the property is used for non-homesteaded purposes.
  • This tax estimator does not apply for calculations pertaining to homesteaded agricultural properties. In such cases, please contact the Martin County Property Appraiser's Office for further clarification.
  • Buyer should not rely on the seller's current property taxes as the amount of property taxes that the buyer may be obligated to pay in the year subsequent to purchase. A change of ownership or property improvements triggers reassessments of the property that could result in higher property taxes. If you have any questions concerning valuation, contact our office at 772-288-5608 for information.

The use of this estimator and its data constitutes the users admission and agreement that one has read and understands the above assumptions and their limitations. This estimator of taxes should be used only as a reference to the potential proposed taxes of a property sales transaction. The user will hold harmless the office of Martin County Property Appraiser and its employees from any miscalculations, misuse and misunderstandings.


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