January 5, 2024 will mark my third (3rd) year as your Martin County Property Appraiser.  I maintain my commitment to Martin County residents and business owners that my Office will provide excellent customer service, educational-focused community outreach, and a highly efficient and productive office operation.

Our Office remains diligent in keeping pace with the ever-expanding technology within the appraisal industry. Advanced technologies and software applications continue to be incorporated into our workflow in order to increase productivity and accuracy, streamline processes, and allow electronic applications to complete tasks previously requiring manual entry and analysis.  Examples of applied technologies include the online homestead application, automatic uploads of property ownership changes and building permits, in-house property review using aerial photography (to offset field visits), and bulk property and building sketch validation.  As proof of LEAN process improvement, our staff has decreased by one (1) professional even during a period of increased sales, property development, and ownership transfers within our County. 

The Office continues to make powerful data driven, user-friendly improvements to our interactive website increasing overall favorable customer service.  In fact, the website saw healthy traffic receiving more than 3.5 million-page views in 2023!

Our robust Community Outreach Program continues to educate and inform Martin County residents and business owners, community leaders, civic organizations, real estate and title companies, homeowner associations, real estate and trust attorneys, non-profit organizations, chambers of commerce, and the local media.  The Office strives for residents to not only understand what goes into valuing their home and/or business, but also other topics which may in turn provide significant savings on annual property tax bills.  Our Community Outreach Program incorporates a variety of marketing methods including public relations, website, social media, printable handouts, educational videos, informational articles with eleven (11) print and digital affiliates, E-News blasts, and public speaking engagements.  In 2023, our Office presented to 38 diverse groups with a cumulative audience of nearly 1100 participants.   

None of this would be possible without my talented team of professionals.  Their hard work, dedication, unique knowledge, and accessibility is what makes the Office successful in its mission!  Thank you for the honor of serving as your Martin County Property Appraiser.  Happy new year and all the very best in 2024!