Date of Visit – 4/3/17


I am a resident of Connecticut and was visiting my senior parents age 88 and 91 last week.

They had recently moved and had to re-apply for a homesteader’s tax exemption. I had no idea how to help my parents apply for this tax exemption but Brenda from the Hobe Sound office explained the process in detail which allowed us to complete the process.

When we arrived at the office, she went out of her way to assist my 91 year old mother and help us complete the process doing so in a very professional and friendly manner.Brenda is an asset to your office. Please commend her for her efforts!

Date of Visit – 4/3/17


Susan was very efficient in explaining and completing forms.

Date of Visit – 3/3/17


Susan provided great service!

Date of Visit – 3/9/17


Very awesome and helpful group. Very courteous.

Date of Visit – 3/2/17


Pam was so, so helpful and knowledgeable! She pointed me in the right direction and the end result was successful. This was so important to our trust’s ownership interest in my late Father’s home. Pam is a keeper! Give her a big raise, please!!!

Date of Visit – 3/17/17


Kimberly & Lorrie were very helpful! In and out with issue complete!

Date of Visit – 3/10/17


Christine was fantastic, extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Great Service!

Date of Visit – 3/28/17


They were great! Best Government agency I’ve ever had to deal with!

Date of Visit – 3/31/17


Karen was very helpful and pleasant with numerous calls and was extremely informative.

Date of Visit – 2/2/17


Great experience!

Date of Visit – 2/20/17


Karen and Nicole changed my confusion to understanding!

Date of Visit – 2/8/17


Susan was very helpful!

Date of Visit – 2/8/17

Edward & Suzann

Christine provided wonderful service. Thank you so much!

Date of Visit – 2/2/17


Karen was polite and patient! Talked on the phone first, then in office twice. She had answers for every question.

Date of Visit – 2/23/17


Wonderful experience!

Date of Visit – 2/23/17

Domenick & Jean

Susan was very personable, friendly and professional. She made our experience very easy.

Date of Visit – 2/28/17


Lori & Nicole were quick, efficient & so friendly!

Date of Visit – 1/3/17

Keith & Claudia

Susan went above and beyond our expectations!

Date of Visit – 1/6/17

William & Josefina

Couldn’t be more satisfied.

Date of Visit – 1/4/17


Christine was very professional!

Date of Visit – 1/5/17


Awesome! Karen was very helpful and courteous.

Date of Visit – 1/5/17


Your electronic filing system for the homestead exemption is exceptional! It was easy to follow the screens, easy to input the documentation numbers, names, etc., required and provided excellent print documentation that my request was successfully received. I give it a 10 out of 10!

Kudos & Congratulations to your office and the web designers who set this up!

Date of Visit – 1/23/17


All good!

Date of Visit – 1/24/17

John & Nancy

Keep up the good work!

Date of Visit – 1/13/17

Ellen & Henry

Responsive and helpful staff! Outstanding Service!

Date of Visit – 12/19/16


Very friendly place!

Date of Visit – 12/6/16


Keep up the good work!

Date of Visit – 12/30/16


Karen was very helpful & informative!

Date of Visit – 12/27/16


Christine was very helpful. It was actually a pleasant experience to visit your office!

Date of Visit – 11/22/16


I had the pleasure of meeting Brenda in your Hobe Sound office today. I needed assistance with an exemption due to the death of my husband and Brenda was extremely helpful. Her customer service was excellent and she went above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of. You are lucky to have such an excellent employee and I just wanted to recognize her as such. I’m sure you hear that often, but it meant a lot to me to have her go out of her way to help me, especially during what has been a challenging time. I hope you will recognize her in some special way because she deserves it!

Date of Visit – 11/10/16


Excellent leadership! Excellent Staff! Pleasant, professional and courteous!

Date of Visit – 11/9/16


I was absolutely amazed at the service I received! At DMV got my car registration in minutes. Walked to the next office over and got the exact information I needed to find my lost Social Security Card. I then came to the property appraiser and got my homestead done in less than 3 minutes. My head is spinning!

Date of Visit – 11/14/16


I have filed Homestead in Miami, what a headache. It is great here!

Date of Visit – 11/15/16


Very cordial conduct of business!

Date of Visit – 2/20/17


Karen and Nicole changed my confusion to understanding!

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