Date of Visit – 2/23/2021

Stacie & Tim      

Brittney was so great. Very professional and sweet.

Date of Visit – 2/22/2021

Teresa & Daren      

Brenda was a pleasure to work with. She answered all my questions and was helpful with everything I needed.

Date of Visit – 2/22/2021


Great service and beautiful office. Happy Camper!

Date of Visit – 2/19/2021

Karen & Craig      

Brittney was an exceptional customer service representative; thorough with her explanations, very knowledgeable & also sweet & courteous!

Date of Visit – 2/19/2021

Linda & William      

Brittney was a pleasure. Clear & professional & made it so easy. Thank You.

Date of Visit – 2/18/2021


Christine was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She was also very kind and patient. LOVE THIS OFFICE!

Date of Visit – 2/16/2021


Natasha went above and beyond to not only find a solution to my current question, but also ended up saving lots of money going forward.

Date of Visit - 2/15/2021

Patricia & Edwin      

My experience was great today. Pleasant, very helpful and Brenda was very professional!

Date of Visit – 2/11/2021

Carol & Al      

Very Pleased!  Brittney was informative, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. Could not ask for better service!!!

Date of Visit – 2/11/2021

Gary & Jennifer      

Christine was very friendly, helpful and professional! Easy process all the way through.

Date of Visit – 2/10/2021


Brenda provided  fantastic service and with a smile.

Date of Visit – 2/10/2021


I just wanted to thank you (Dawn) for the way you dealt with us today- just as you always do. It seems that, about once a year, I have to call and get some assistance from you. Every single time, I leave a message, and every single time, you call me back that same day. Today, was no exception. You returned the call and took the time t answer my questions without me feeling rushed. I want Mrs. Fields to know how valuable you are to us and how very much we appreciate you. Thank you, again.

Date of Visit – 2/09/2021


Brenda’s service was fantastic.

Date of Visit – 2/09/2021


Brenda was very fast, efficient, very friendly and helpful. She explained a lot.

Date of Visit – 1/29/2021


Kelli was very helpful and kind. Walked me through everything.

Date of Visit – 1/29/2021


Kelli was very friendly, professional and very helpful. Great Job!

Date of Visit – 1/28/2021

Rose Ann & Stephen      

Kelli was professional, courteous and the entire process went smoothly!!!

Date of Visit – 1/27/2021


Kelli was efficient with all paperwork and right on top of it.

Date of Visit –1/26/2021


Brittney was very, very helpful as well as knowledgeable. I would never have understood any of this without her help. She is a winner & a keeper.

Date of Visit – 1/25/2021


Susan is great with the public!

Date of Visit –1/22/2021

Brittney was amazingly helpful, professional and knowledgeable! She explained everything so thoroughly. Excellent customer service!

Date of Visit – 1/19/2021

Mariana & Leo      

We are very impressed about the professionalism, as well as the kindness of Miss. Wilson.

Date of Visit – 1/15/2021


Christine was personable, helpful, willing to answer questions.

Date of Visit – 1/12/2021


Brittney was very professional and thorough. An asset to Martin County!

Date of Visit – 1/12/2021


Christine did a great job explaining and was very professional!

Date of Visit – 1/11/2021


Kelli was excellent, answered our questions and very knowledgeable. 

Date of Visit – 1/11/2021


Melissa did a great job with a smile very courteous. Please recognize her!  Susan was also provided excellent service with courtesy & a smile, and all questions were answered.  Please recognize her as well. Thanks.

Date of Visit – 1/11/2021

Jan & Walt      

Kelli was very professional and patient with us. She explained everything very well and understandable. Care was taken for safety/Covid.

Date of Visit – 1/8/2021


Kelli was professional, courteous and helpful. She explained everything very well. No wait time!

Date of Visit – 1/7/2021

Arnold & Diana      

Brenda was excellent, cordial, professional, knowledgeable, couldn’t be better! Thank You.

Date of Visit – 1/7/2021

Andrew & Nancy      

Brenda was pleasant, patient & helpful.

Date of Visit – 1/7/2021

Mr. & Mrs. Lent      

Our experience with Christine was delightful. She is knowledgeable and charming. We will have questions but feel comfortable asking for help.

Date of Visit – 1/6/2021

Beth & Russell       

Kelli was very helpful helping us file our homestead.

Date of Visit – 1/5/2021

Peco & Elen      

Christine provided excellent service.

Date of Visit – 1/4/2021

Sheila Rae      

Kelli’s service was great, well pleased. 

Date of Visit – 12/28/2020

Janice & Bill      

Brittney was wonderful & pleasant attitude. Explains very well. She knows her job very well.

Date of Visit – 12/14/2020


Brittney was friendly, thorough, patient & kind. She explained everything in depth and welcomed my questions. She’s the perfect employee!!


Brenda was prompt, efficient, professional & friendly.