Date of Visit – 12/06/2019


Melissa was very professional and friendly.

Date of Visit – 11/25/2019


Julie was helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. She helped me through the process.

Date of Visit – 11/22/2019


Pleased with location and comfort of office as we are dealing with death of loved one.

Date of Visit – 11/22/2019


Great job! Very Helpful!

Date of Visit – 11/20/2019

William & Joan

Made homesteading easy.

Date of Visit – 11/19/2019


Julie was wonderful, efficient, & thorough.

Date of Visit – 11/18/2019


Natasha was exceptional, polite, & joyful. Thank You.

Date of Visit – 11/09/2019


Dear Laurel,

It was my distinct pleasure to meet you in person when I visited the Property Appraiser’s Office on Nov. 8th. Your entire office staff reflects your courteous, friendly and professional attitude. I especially want to convey my praise for Julie, who provided very helpful assistance, in resolving my issue. You are fortunate to have such an effective and pleasant employee on your team. And for her quick response in recovering and returning my lost credit card.   You are fortunate to have such an effective and pleasant employee on your team. Keep up the good work – it makes Martin County a great place to live.

Thank you both again!

Date of Visit – 11/07/2019


Christine was very helpful and nice.

Date of Visit – 11/05/2019


Brenda is very friendly and informative -- an asset to the county!

Date of Visit – 11/04/2019


Great customer care!

Date of Visit – 10/31/2019

Omar & Jennifer

Don’t change a thing!

Date of Visit – 10/17 & 10/18/2019

Brian & Jennifer

Everyone very helpful and friendly - Great Job!

Date of Visit – 10/11/2019

Randy & Lisa

Staff was very friendly& courteous. Karen went above & beyond helping us.

Date of Visit – 10/09/2019


Karen is exceptional, but you already know that!

Date of Visit – 10/07/2019


Extremely knowledgeable & helpful.

Date of Visit – 09/27/2019

Lance & Ariana

Brittney was an exceptional help and ensured we were well taken care of!

Date of Visit – 09/19/2019


Very nice – explained things very well.

Date of Visit – 09/18/2019


Great team. Very responsive.

Date of Visit – 09/06/2019


Employees are the “Best of the Best.”

Date of Visit – 09/05/2019

James & Sharon

Staff was very courteous & helpful.

Date of Visit – 08/23/2019


Debra was very helpful, kind & understanding.

Date of Visit – 08/07/2019


Ms. Hopkins was very helpful and took care to explain the process.

Date of Visit –07/30/2019


Debra ia a phenomenal employee! Super helpful, courteous, and informative.

Date of Visit – 07/12/2019


Susan was very helpful in solving and explaining survey line & sale issue.

Date of Visit – 06/07/2019


Everyone was great!

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