Date of Visit – 05/31/18


Very smooth and professional!

Date of Visit – 05/30/18


Pleasant, polite, kind and friendly! Thank you!

Date of Visit – 05/25/18


Julie was very professional and informative. I truly appreciate her patience and knowledge.

Date of Visit – 05/24/18


I must share with you a wonderful experience that I had today with Karen Leary. I am the caregiver for my elderly father who lives in a guest house in my back yard. I neglected to provide the affidavit to attest that he is still living with me to qualify for the granny flat exemption. (My mistake.) The number that she had for me was incorrect as I changed jobs. Because Stuart is small enough, she somehow knew that my husband works for Martin County. She looked up his number and personally called him to remind him to do the form. Karen went well above and beyond today. You should commend her for her dedication. Even though it was me who forgot, she took the time to reach out to us so we did not lose the exemption. I am so grateful to you and your dedicated staff.

Date of Visit – 05/24/18

Stephen & Elizabeth

Wonderful & helpful!

Date of Visit – 05/22/18


Very helpful!

Date of Visit – 05/18/18


Debra went out of her way to help!

Date of Visit – 05/16/18


Excellent service and very helpful!

Date of Visit – 05/14/18


Appreciate efficiency of office!

Date of Visit – 05/9/18


Brittney was kind, courteous and very helpful!

Date of Visit – 05/7/18

Timothy & Constance

Second time we have dealing with Brenda. Pleasant, knowledgeable & courteous!

Date of Visit – 05/7/18


Julie made the process of transferring my homestead exemption a pleasure. She went out of her way to be helpful!

Date of Visit – 05/1/18

Marc & Lynn

Keep up the good work!

Date of Visit – 04/30/18


Brenda is very helpful, polite and professional! A pleasure to work with.

Date of Visit – 04/30/18


Hospitable, understanding, and very helpful! Took care of my issue.  

Date of Visit – 04/24/18


Christine was a wonderful woman to deal with!

_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date of Visit – 04/13/18


Very helpful coming every year, just for perfect stuff. Thank you!

Date of Visit – 04/13/18


Julie went out of her way to help Gloria and I complete the application. Extremely kind and polite.

Date of Visit – 04/12/18


Debra a #10 in everything I ask. Made everything plain as day!

Date of Visit – 04/11/18


All staff, especially Christine, were amiable, courteous and knowledgeable. Eager to answer ALL questions!

Date of Visit – 04/4/18


Keep it up! It was a great experience.

Date of Visit – 03/29/18


Yesterday I needed information as to comparable sales of commercial properties, and had been unsuccessful in obtaining suitable comps on my own.  I visited your office, and spoke again to Bob. Bob is so knowledgeable, professional and willing to share his expertise without reservation.  He has to make you proud!    This is not the first time I have asked for his assistance, and you need to know never once was he too busy to talk with me, he has always interrupted his schedule put my requests ahead of his own.   I cannot commend him enough for all of his generosity to accommodate a member of the public.  His attitude is so amazingly positive.    Just want you to know how appreciative I am.  Thank you.

Date of Visit – 03/19/18


Very informative and helpful. This can be a confusing process, but Julie was extremely helpful!

Date of Visit – 03/16/18


Great service! Very friendly!

Date of Visit – 03/15/18


I thought it would be important for you to know that my father and I couldn't be more pleased with the help we received from Brenda Wells.  In September my dad moved into a new home in Martin County.  By the end of the year he had yet to receive a tax bill.  Brenda researched to find that the home seller's title company had filed his sale in Palm Beach instead of Martin County; therefore, your records showed no indication that my dad owned the home.  Brenda provided us an accurate tax bill, which we paid. We followed-up with the seller's title company to be sure that they filed my dad's purchase in Martin County.  Once the filing was recorded properly Brenda assisted us in filing an accurate homestead application, widower exemption, save our homes transfer, and late file affidavit (necessitated by the title company's erroneous filing).  Throughout all of this Brenda was very helpful and patient in explaining what was needed.  Seldom, if ever, do we receive the assistance that Brenda provided.  She is a model employee for the county and we are very fortunate to have her.  We hope Brenda is recognized for the exceptional customer service that she provides.

Date of Visit – 03/13/18


Very professional and clear explanations!

Date of Visit – 03/8/18


Brittney was friendly and professional.

Date of Visit – 03/9/18


Everyone is great!

Date of Visit – 03/4/18


Everyone so kind and helpful here. I love this place!

Date of Visit – 02/28/18


Keep up the great work!

Date of Visit – 02/27/18


All staff here are exceptionally courteous, friendly, helpful. Minimal wait time.

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