Date of Visit – 1/26/23

Robert & Helen      

Kelli was very helpful & knowledgeable. 

Date of Visit – 1/25/23


Great lobby entrance followed by warm welcome at the front desk.  Kelli was friendly, efficient & thorough. Appreciated the quality of service! 

Date of Visit – 1/21/23


Very well run, agent very pleasant and helpful.  

Date of Visit – 1/11/23


Susan was very nice and helpful. Quick!  

Date of Visit – 1/11/23


Brenda was extremely helpful, professional & pleasant!  Excellent representative for your office! 

Date of Visit – 1/9/23


Sabrina was very helpful, kind, and informative.  A pleasure! 

Date of Visit – 1/6/23


Sabrina was most helpful and pleasant! 

Date of Visit – 1/5/23


Kayla was very efficient and knowledgeable. Quick and painless! 

Date of Visit – 1/4/23


As a new resident of Martin County, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the speed and efficiency with which you and your department have handled my application.  Coming from Broward County, my experiences were a lot different.  Also, I am pleasantly surprised how quickly you returned my phone calls and answered my questions.  You all are doing a fantastic job!

Date of Visit – 1/4/23


Ms. Wilson is extremely knowledgeable, competent, and efficient.  Great service!

Date of Visit – 1/4/23


Sabrina is very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.

Date of Visit – 12/28/22


Sabrina is prompt, very eager to help and get things done.

Date of Visit – 12/27/22


Once again, a very pleasant and efficient experience.

Date of Visit – 12/27/22


Debra was very, very helpful.  Took initiative to help resolve an issue with care and kindness.

Date of Visit – 12/21/22


Kelli was very knowledgeable and helpful.  

Date of Visit – 12/20/22

William & Kathleen      

Brenda was extremely helpful and efficient and thoroughly explained the process while helping us.  We are extremely satisfied with her assistance!

Date of Visit – 12/9/22

Dina & Rick      

Kayla was informative, helpful, and very knowledgeable.  We were a little surprised that this “homestead” form was not included in our closing in 2021.  P.S.  The office is gorgeous, and people are lovely!

Date of Visit – 12/5/22


Sabrina was efficient, knowledgeable, and very pleasant! 

Date of Visit – 12/1/22


Brenda extended herself beyond what I expected.  And, she was knowledgeable and patient with me.

Date of Visit – 11/30/22


Kayla is awesome!  Helpful, kind and respectful!

Date of Visit – 11/29/22


Kelli was great to work with, very professional, explained our homestead exemption, very detailed, great employee!

Date of Visit – 11/29/22


Debra was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the petition process.  We really enjoyed working with her.

Date of Visit – 11/23/22


Kayla was incredibly friendly and helpful, yet very professional.

Date of Visit – 11/15/22

Bill & Lori      

Kelli is terrific.  She’s friendly and professional, and made the experience easy.  Thank you.

Date of Visit – 11/3/22


Kayla was a pleasure to work with.  Very pleasant and helpful.

Date of Visit – 11/1/22


I just wanted to thank you again for helping me understand the nuances of the assessment value, exemptions, and property tax. I greatly appreciate your help. As you could tell, I was a little flustered with my lack of knowledge on the subject. However, your demeanor, politeness, and willingness to answer my questions helped me better understand and grasp the information. It was nice being greeted with a smile and a friendly face. Thank you very much!