Date of Visit – 10/26/17


For the past couple of years, we have been working with Mr. Cooper regarding a variety of property tax questions and VAB challenges submitted on behalf of our clients. In fact, we have just resolved our recent round of questions and have withdrawn our pending VAB petition. Mr. Cooper has consistently provided excellent service. He is a good listener and -- more importantly to me -- a very good “explainer” of the various components making up the value and tax calculations. He has always made time for our questions, via phone calls or e-mail, and he is always willing to look at any relevant data we can provide regarding property values. Michael Cooper, in short, is a wonderful representative of Martin County.

Date of Visit – 09/21/17


No waiting! Julie answered all my questions and was extremely helpful!

Date of Visit – 09/14/17


This was a piece of cake! Julie couldn’t have been more helpful!

Date of Visit – 09/14/17


Great-Informative-Answered all questions. Very good personality and friendly.

Date of Visit – 09/01/17


Julie and the entire staff were terrific in every way!

Date of Visit – 08/28/17


Julie is fabulous to work with.

Date of Visit – 08/27/17


Love this office! Very professional.

Date of Visit – 08/24/17


Very helpful and understanding

Date of Visit – 08/23/17


Wonderful and professional.

Date of Visit – 08/21/17


We were treated so well! We felt like you all care about the people! That’s rare now. Thanks!!!

Date of Visit – 08/21/17


Excellent, friendly and professional. I expected a hard process, you made it very easy!

Date of Visit – 08/21/17


Very professional. Attention to detail and a great asset to the department. Very helpful!

Date of Visit – 08/18/17


Thank you for the excellent service. You gave me very important information I did not know!

Date of Visit – 08/18/17


Very helpful! Made the experience easy and quick!

Date of Visit – 08/18/17


Julie was very professional and friendly. She answered all questions and even told me about exemptions I wasn’t aware of. She is totally awesome. Thanks so much!

Date of Visit – 08/16/17


Absolutely outstanding! Helped me understand what I needed and took train of thought to its logical conclusion.

Date of Visit – 08/10/17


Very helpful!

Date of Visit – 08/08/17

David & Linda

Julie was very helpful and efficient in helping us with our property taxes.

Date of Visit – 08/07/17


Great experience.

Date of Visit – 08/03/17


Doing great….please keep it up.

Date of Visit – 07/28/17


Super friendly and helpful! Very nice experience, Thank you!

Date of Visit – 07/27/17

Lawrence & Marion

Very Efficient!

Date of Visit – 07/24/17


Wonderful – Thank you!

Date of Visit – 07/24/17

Sue & Bob

Each time we have been to this office it has been a pleasant, easy, friendly experience. Thank you!

Date of Visit – 07/18/17


Julie was a great help and she answered all of our questions and was an excellent help with this process.

Date of Visit – 07/18/17


Pleasant visit with great service!

Date of Visit – 07/13/17


Excellent assistance.

Date of Visit – 07/12/17

James & Linda

Julie was an excellent source of assistance. We could not be more appreciative.

Date of Visit – 06/30/17


The Best Service!

Date of Visit – 06/29/17


Martin County Property Appraiser’s Office has a valuable employee in Brenda. Her customer relation skills are beyond expectations. She is patient, focused and very easily pleasant. I appreciated all of those qualities as I filed for my Homestead Exemption.

Date of Visit – 06/19/17


I could not have asked for anything more. Professional, knowledgeable, patient, courteous and friendly.

Date of Visit – 06/15/17

Robert & Barbara

Made applying easy!

Date of Visit – 06/07/17


Very nice and pleasant and knowledgeable.

Date of Visit – 05/25/17


Awesome service and attitude with a terrific knowledge of her position.

Date of Visit – 05/23/17


Maintain the same level of efficiency!

Date of Visit – 05/19/17


Very helpful, friendly staff. I really appreciated the help. Thank you!

Date of Visit – 05/15/17


Very thorough and careful with data. Much appreciated professionalism.

Date of Visit – 05/11/17


Pam was highly efficient. So is the front desk staff.

Date of Visit – 05/11/17


Great experience, everyone was very courteous.

Date of Visit – 05/10/17


Great Experience!

Date of Visit – 05/01/17


Julie was exceptionally nice and very thorough. She is an excellent employee!

Date of Visit – 04/28/17


Great folks to work with!

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