Date of Visit – 02/23/18

Roger & Rozanne

Can’t believe that Julie remembered us! A delight to work with!

Date of Visit – 01/17/18

Dr. O. Jack

Julie is an excellent representative. She is very polite, friendly and highly knowledgeable. I cannot speak more highly of her! She is tops!

Date of Visit – 01/17/18


Both Britney and Julie were extremely helpful and went above and beyond.

Date of Visit – 01/12/18

Brett & Rhiannon

Julie provided prompt and efficient service. She explained the exemption and answered all questions.

Date of Visit – 01/10/18


Nice staff!

Date of Visit – 01/02/18

Susan & Johan

Great help and great attitude.

Date of Visit – 12/29/17

Dennis & Patricia

Everything A-OK!! Great service all around!

Date of Visit – 12/28/17


Amazing office!

Date of Visit – 12/27/17


Efficient, knowledgeable, prompt.

Date of Visit – 12/21/17

Kathleen & Fred

Julie was thorough, patient and made the process very simple!

Date of Visit – 12/19/17


Julie was amazing – very attentive and knowledgeable. Great experience.

Date of Visit – 12/19/17


Very friendly – a real keeper.

Date of Visit – 12/15/17


Julie was extremely helpful, efficient, and courteous. She explained everything in a clear and concise manner. A great employee.

Date of Visit – 12/14/17

Frank & Ginny

Very, very excellent.

Date of Visit – 12/13/17


Very helpful and knowledgeable. Answered my questions in detail. No waiting!

Date of Visit – 12/06/17


Tremendous service by all.

Date of Visit – 12/06/17


Bob was extremely professional and good to work with. I appreciate his thoroughness and his candor. Bob was responsive courteous and knowledgeable.

Date of Visit – 11/30/17

Forrest & Hilda

Very professional and kind.

Date of Visit – 11/29/17

Constance & John

Appreciated her efforts as a mistake was made in recording deed and she got it corrected. Very efficient and helpful!

Date of Visit – 11/29/17


Excellent service.

Date of Visit – 11/22/17


Short wait, excellent service, thank you.

Date of Visit – 11/14/17


A great and thorough person.

Date of Visit – 11/09/17


I just wanted to say thank you and acknowledge Susan for helping us file our homestead for our new property. We came to the office with our documents, and Susan handled our application thoroughly, professionally, and with a great smile and friendly demeanor. Just want to say that it was greatly appreciated. As always you and your staff I think do an excellent job. Please share my thanks with Susan. We really appreciated her help.

Date of Visit – 11/08/17

Jan & William

Excellent service. Julie was so dedicated to her job and was so pleasant.

Date of Visit – 11/06/17


Great personality. Knowledgeable, friendly, customer service oriented. Thanks.

Date of Visit – 11/03/17

Will & Janice

Susan is absolutely wonderful! She is knowledgeable, patient and marvelous.

Date of Visit – 11/03/17


Everyone was very helpful!!

Date of Visit – 11/01/17


Great experience!

Date of Visit – 10/30/17


What an awesome smile and sense of humor.

Date of Visit – 10/30/17


Most congenial and professional.

Date of Visit – 10/18/17


Very pleasant experience!!!

Date of Visit – 10/16/17


Provided very concise info. Debra is an asset to your office. She’s terrific! Thank you.

Date of Visit – 10/16/17


Very professional and efficient service.

Date of Visit – 10/11/17


Excellent, fast service. Very pleasant.

Date of Visit – 10/05/17

Scott & Holly

Made the entire process easy! Explained the entire program – excellent.

Date of Visit – 10/03/17


Very pleasant, helpful, informative took ample time with me.

Date of Visit – 10/03/17


He was superb!

Date of Visit – 10/02/17


Very thorough.

Date of Visit – 09/29/17

Lynn & Christine

Thank you Julie & Christine for your very professional help!

Date of Visit – 09/27/17


Great service, explained well, excellent service.

Date of Visit – 09/29/17


Julie could not have been more helpful – went beyond our expectations.

Date of Visit – 09/21/17

Kevin & Glenda

Keep up the great service!

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