Date of Visit – 2/28/2020


Your office is SO people friendly!

Date of Visit – 2/26/2020


Easy, quick experience! I appreciated the time and explanation of homesteading that Julie provided for me!

Date of Visit – 02/25/2020

John & Linda      

Excellent service! Very knowledgeable as to what we had to do to move things forward.

Date of Visit – 2/24/2020

Joshua & Maria      

GREAT SERVICE! Very professional and efficient. Fantastic customer service!

Date of Visit – 02/21/2020

Alan & Beverly      

Excellent, thorough, friendly, & smart.

Date of Visit – 02/18/2020

Joel & Frances      

Debra was very helpful & very efficient in helping both my husband and me. She is a credit to your office. Very pleasant personality.

Date of Visit – 02/18/2020

Thomas & Melanie      

Extremely knowledgeable, organized and pleasant. Very helpful working through our issue.

Date of Visit – 02/18/2020


Brittney was very friendly, very knowledgeable & more than willing to answer any questions. She is a definite positive for your company.

Date of Visit – 02/18/2020

Jacque & Harold      

Brittney is friendly, efficient, went above and beyond to explain everything, give us tips & help with questions.

Date of Visit – 02/14/2020


Ricky did an excellent job, Great person representing Martin County, four inspections completed.

Date of Visit – 02/14/2020


Excellent service, Michelle!

Date of Visit – 02/14/2020


Both Brenda & Debra have been very friendly & helpful!

Date of Visit – 02/13/2020


Extremely friendly, very thorough, extremely helpful. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service.

Date of Visit – 02/13/2020

Vince & Sally      

Great Service – No WAIT! – Very helpful & professional!

Date of Visit –02/11/2020


Thank you again for your help, Jennifer! Just AWESOME, can’t say enough about the help received!

Date of Visit – 02/10/2020


Thank you very much for all your help. You made the entire process so easy and you handled in such a professional way. Your follow up and attention to detail is commendable. I look forward to being a Florida resident, I received my voters ID card in the mail today. Thank you again.

Date of Visit – 02/10/2020


Julie is a very personable and helpful.

Date of Visit – 02/10/2020


Julie was professional and patient! Thank you for everything.

Date of Visit – 02/06/2020


Brittney was very helpful & very polite.

Date of Visit – 01/30/2020

Linda & Tom      

Julie was most welcoming and very helpful, offered wonderful advice. She is very knowledgeable.

Date of Visit – 01/30/2020

Karen & Kambiz      

Christine is an asset to your office. She is very knowledgeable, professional and respectful. Christine helped us a great deal. In addition, Melissa at the front window was professional & very courteous.

Date of Visit – 01/30/2020


No wait time! Brittney provides service with a smile. She is an asset to you time!

Date of Visit – 01/29/2020


Julie was very informative and helpful. She thoroughly went over everything!

Date of Visit – 01/29/2020


Brittney was very helpful & friendly- a pleasure to do business with!

Date of Visit – 01/28/2020


We were here to submit our Agriculture application- Had questions about Tangible Personal Property– Michele took wonderful care of us – She was super helpful, and very kind!

Date of Visit – 01/27/2020

Danny & Sally      

Brittney could not have been more helpful or nicer!

Date of Visit – 01/24/2020

Jessica & Sarah      

Susan provided wonderful customer service! Fast, efficient, and patient.

Date of Visit – 01/23/2020


Excellent service! Very helpful & kind!

Date of Visit – 01/22/2020


Julie was great! Offering explanations of all the paperwork that our son signed as a 1st time homeowner.

Date of Visit – 01/22/2020


I just wanted to say how easy the online Homestead Exemption application process was. The system was extremely easy to use. Thank you for making this process so user friendly.

Date of Visit – 01/21/2020

Robert & Sandra      

Thank you for your assistance with our homestead filing. Brittney was friendly and very helpful. We appreciate it!

Date of Visit – 01/21/2020


The ease of taking care of business is quite a pleasure working with the young lady Brittney.

Date of Visit – 01/10/2020

Daniel & Jeanne      

Brenda is an outstanding asset to The Property Appraiser’s Office!

Date of Visit – 01/14/2020


Brittney was extremely friendly. I have not been to a government office with a person as nice & pleasant as Brittney. Very nice visit!

Date of Visit – 01/13/2020

Gene & Vickie      

Debra was knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and efficient. She represents your office well!

Date of Visit – 01/13/2020


Super personality & very knowledgeable.

Date of Visit – 01/13/2020

Bruce & Cynthia      

Brittney was not just knowledgeable & efficient, but also has very bubbly & personable personality! We both left smiling & happy.

Date of Visit – 01/10/2020


Karen & Julie were very helpful to explain the portability. They went above the call to make sure I had my probability.

Date of Visit – 01/10/2020

William & Cassandra      

Brittney was super helpful, especially with my wife’s lack of preparedness. Will come visit again!

Date of Visit – 01/09/2020

Thomas & Catherine      

Julie was amazing! Very professional, knowledgeable & so kind. Explained everything we needed to know. You are so BLESSED to have her. She should train all your new staff!! She’s GREAT!

Date of Visit – 01/09/2020

Brent & Grace      

Outstanding service!

Date of Visit – 01/06/2020


Julie was extremely helpful – The service was GREAT!

Date of Visit – 01/02/2020


Excellent service & beautiful building!

Date of Visit – 12/31/2019


Great service and answer all our questions. Great personality.

Date of Visit – 12/30/2019


Extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Date of Visit – 12/30/2019


In several encounters in this department, Caitlin ranks as the very best! Knowledgeable, customer friendly. She knows both her information and how to convey in an understandable manner. Keep her!

Date of Visit – 12/27/2019


Explained portability and estimate 2020 taxes clearly. Thank You!

Date of Visit – 12/26/2019

Tim & Marilyn      

Julie was exceptional. Love her multi-tasking abilities. Very pleasant & informative.

Melissa, the receptionist was great also!

Date of Visit – 12/20/2019


She was extremely knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. It was a pleasure!

Date of Visit – 12/19/2019


Wonderful, courteous, professional service!

Date of Visit – 12/16/2019


Christine is an exceptionally smart and helpful person!

Date of Visit – 12/12/2019


Great experience!

Date of Visit – 12/12/2019


So helpful and pleasant.

Date of Visit – 12/12/2019

Edward & Cindy      

Great service & enjoyable!

Date of Visit – 12/11/2019


Christine has helped me before- Always patient, courteous and helpful – I leave very grateful.

Date of Visit – 12/06/2019

Ann Marie      

Very helpful & pleasant.

Date of Visit – 12/05/2019


Brittney was professional & friendly. We were greeted with a smile and she answered our questions to the best of her acknowledgeable.

Date of Visit – 12/05/2019

Lynn & Thomas      

Christine was friendly, efficient & answered all our questions. Great employee – Thanks!

Date of Visit – 12/04/2019



Date of Visit – 12/03/2019


Excellent, professional, friendly and efficient service!

Date of Visit – 12/03/2019

James & Teresa      

Awesome! Thank you.

Date of Visit – 12/03/2019


Very pleasant person – fine representative of Martin County!

Date of Visit – 12/03/2019

Annette & David      

Fantastic customer service!

Date of Visit – 12/3/2019


Very pleasant person. Fine representative of Martin County! I have been a career firefighter for 42 years, and up North you don’t find too many governmental employees that are pleasant and good representatives of their governmental employers. That certainly is not the case with Julie.

Date of Visit – 11/27/2019


Lovely office

Date of Visit – 11/26/2019


I’m never disappointed with the service provided by the office & staff.

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