Tangible Personal Property Tax Return Mailing

Tangible Personal Property Tax Return

Event Date January 13, 2023

Limited Income Senior Exemption for Persons 65 and/or
Limited Income Seniors Who Have Lived in Their Current Home for 25 Years or more.

If you qualified for the exemption(s) in 2022, you will receive a letter from our Office notifying you of the new income limitation (total household adjusted gross income).

If your income is below the threshold, you do not have to contact our office.

However, if your 2022 income exceeds this amount or you have questions, please contact our Office at 772-288-5608.

Event Date March 3, 2023

Income and Expense Questionnaire Mailing from the Commercial Department.

This is for the period beginning 1/1/2022 and ending 12/31/2022.

Response Deadline is May 1, 2023.

Event Date March 14, 2023

A reminder letter will be mailed to business owners who have not submitted their Tangible Personal Property Tax Return to our Office.

Event Date June 2, 2023

Notice of Proposed Property Taxes (The Trim Notice) Mailing

Event Date August 17, 2023

Reminder for New Homeowners to File for Homestead Exemption Mailing

Event Date October 23, 2023

From The Martin County Tax Collector - Tax Bill Mailing

Event Date November 1, 2023