When transferring your homestead property into a trust, this transfer may affect your homestead exemption status. In order to continue the Homestead Exemption, it will be necessary for you to have your attorney complete a “Certificate of Trust”, certifying entitlement to the use and occupancy of the property. Our office will need a “Certificate of Trust” for each trust that holds title to the property.

The certificate should be completed for the person(s) who is/are entitled to the use and occupancy of the property, as to an equitable life estate. This would also be the person(s) benefiting from the trust in his/her/their lifetime.

Our office cannot continue the Homestead Exemption on your property without receipt of this certificate. Please do not delay in returning this form, as it may result in the denial of your Homestead Exemption.

The following link provides this required trust certificate.

pdfCertificate of Trust