Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) System Replacement

We have successfully implemented our new Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) system.  This new system will aid in increased appraisal accuracy, uniformity, and analysis capabilities.  The software provides GIS integration within its capabilities, resulting in increased efficiencies and data analysis.  

New Mapping Technology

A new mapping technology called Parcel Fabric has been incorporated into our existing mapping software. This technology allows map edits made by staff, to automatically flow from one map layer to multiple layers. This flow eliminates the redundant map edits staff have to make, saving time and increasing accuracy. This process improvement and quality control enhancement supports our office-wide goal to achieve and sustain performance excellence throughout the office.

Homestead Exemption Compliance

The homestead exemption compliance effort remains an important aspect of our office function and responsibility. Our effort incorporates a 3rd party vendor into our compliance discovery process. Our vendor has access to extensive national databases and via sophisticated data algorithms, has the ability to alert our office as to potential suspicious exemptions. Owners may be flagged for multiple reasons such as possible multi-state property benefits, deaths occurring in other states, and properties that may be rented. As owners are flagged, the Property Appraiser office staff continues the investigative process to determine the validity of the current exemption and determine whether such exemption should remain.

New Aerial Imaging to Reduce Physical Inspections

We’re using technology to possibly eliminate the need for a Martin County Property Appraiser office representative to physically go on your property to inspect it. Three dimensional aerial imaging technology is incorporated into our property inspection procedure. The imagery allows parcels to be inspected and buildings to be measured without physically going on to the properties as long as the parcels or buildings are not obscured by foliage or other structures. Rather than physically walking on properties to inspect and measure buildings, desktop inspections are conducted.

Lean Principle of Process Improvement

The Property Appraiser’s office is committed to the “lean principle of process improvement.” Dedicated staff orchestrate our “lean journey” which focuses on developing a culture of continuous improvement through proven industry methodologies. We acknowledge the importance of developing an organization that respects, develops and challenges team members to communicate and collaborate better, to resolve issues faster and continue to improve processes. One example of a “lean” process improvement was a review of the deed entry procedure that resulted in a 24% reduction in the number of steps in the process. Another example of a process improvement was a review of the vital statistics report procedure which resulted in a 35% reduction in the number of steps in the process. The number of employees involved in the process has been reduced and frees them up to work on other tasks.

Online Homestead Application

The online homestead exemption application continues to be a popular and convenient avenue for homestead exemption applicants. Filing electronically saves the homeowner time and money; there is no need for the owner to take time off from work in order to file an application. Please go to our website ( to file online!

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