A big “Thank you” to our friends the United Way Super Stuffers, for volunteering to help our office with mailing thousands of notices to Martin County property owners! Their effort saved our office time and taxpayers money.

The Property Appraiser's staff pledged nearly $4,200 in donations to the United Way and its affiliate agencies!

CEAA IAOO LogoThe Martin County Property Appraiser's Office has been awarded the prestigious International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration.

Earning the IAAO Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration is a rigorous and challenging task. It involves measuring our practices, for all aspects of operations, against the best practices in the industry.

We strive to continually improve our processes and practices. This review allowed our office to be measured against the best practices in industry.

I am proud of our team for achieving this prestigious award and for being recognized as a model office for excellence in assessment administration.

Laurel Kelly, CFA

An ambulance or fire truck arriving at a home or business in the fastest time possible saves lives!

An important project is underway that will ensure emergency services can quickly and easily locate your home or business. Martin County light-duty Fire Rescue and Property Appraiser's Office personnel are going door-to-door in unincorporated areas of Martin County confirming address numbers are located on every structure.

Following the field verification of address numbers, property owners will receive a letter with an explanation of any needed changes, based on the addressing code. The following are guidelines to ensure that life safety needs can be met:

* Address numbers must be placed conspicuously on the front of the structure, so the numbers can be seen plainly from the street.

* When the house or building is more than 50 feet from the street line, the address must also be placed near the driveway or a common entrance, on a post or mailbox, so it is easily visible from the street.

Ninety days after the initial letter is sent to the property owner, another inspection of the structure will take place. If the home or business is still not in compliance, a code enforcement violation notice will be issued.

Please help us help you by ensuring that your property numbers are correctly located on your home or business, so we can find you when you need us most! For more information, please call (772) 419-5363.

The Appraiser's office consolidated its computer and network systems and resources with that of the County Information Technology Services (ITS).  This allows the Appraiser's office to focus its efforts on producing the tax roll, rather than managing information technology systems. It also provides cost savings.  The Appraiser's office values its partnership with Martin County ITS and looks forward to their continued support. What an awesome group!

Joining forces along with the Property Appraiser office to provide damage assessment in the event of a disaster. This team is one of the first responders in the event of a disaster. The county uses the data to estimate the amount of damage to buildings. This damage estimate is used to quickly qualify the county for a disaster declaration by the Federal government, so that our county and its’ citizens are eligible to receive government aid. The Red Cross uses the same data to identify areas needing immediate assistance, so they know where to send mobile feeding units, water, ice and cleaning materials. We believe this is a partnership unique to the entire state!

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