January, 2017
2016 Taxes Levied     

October, 2016

pdfPublic Notice of 2016 Martin County Tax Roll Certification

October, 2016
pdfMartin County Property Appraiser 2016/17 Approved Budget

June, 2016 
pdf Public Notice of 2015 Martin County Tax Roll Post VAB Recertification

January, 2016
2015 Taxes Levied     

October, 2015

pdf Public Notice of 2015 Martin County Tax Roll Certification

October, 2015
pdfMartin County Property Appraiser 2015/16 Approved Budget

July, 2015
pdf Public Notice of 2014 Martin County Tax Roll Post VAB Recertification

January, 2015
NEW TPP Extension Request Form

January, 2015
icon GIS Stacked Condo Shapefiles with Property Information

January, 2015
2014 Taxes Levied

October, 2014
pdf Public Notice of 2014 Martin County Tax Roll Certification

September, 2014
pdf Martin County Property Appraiser 2014/15 Approved Budget

September, 2014
Martin County Property Appraiser and Clerk of the Circuit Court Announce Property Record Partnership
In a joint release, Laurel Kelly, Martin County Property Appraiser, and Carolyn Timmann, Martin County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller, announce a new public records feature that directly links property information and related official records held by the two independent offices. pdfRead more...

Ever wish you could see the actual deed recorded at the Martin County Clerk of the Circuit Court while looking up properties on our website, well now you can! When viewing the "Summary & Sales Pages" (see image below), you can now click the blue document "Book/Page" hyperlink to view all of the deeds recorded on that property.

NOTE: Deed images only date back to 1986 (or book #660), thus anything prior to book 660 will not have any images associated with them, and a link would bring you to a dead page or perhaps "Page Not Displayed" error. 

August, 2014
NEW – Millage Summary Page
We have recently created a new Millage Summary page for anyone who is interested in knowing what funds and millage rates make up the total millage rate for each of the taxing districts. The millage rates are grouped and displayed in the same method as they appear on the Notice of Proposed Taxes. To view this information begin by hovering over the Tools & Downloads button on the menu bar and click the Lists, Data & Codes button. Then click the Millage Codes button and choose the 2014 Preliminary Millage Rates. You will find a link next to the total millage rate called View Millage Summary. Click this link to display the millage summary page.

February, 2014
FEMA Flood Map Modernization Project
Information about the FEMA Flood Map Modernization Project can be found at the Martin County Engineering Department link. www.mcflood.martin.fl.us 

January, 2014
2013 Taxes Levied

November, 2013
New Mobile Web-site
Come back on your smart phone to experience our new mobile friendly web-site. Most portions of our web-site have been enhanced to make navigation on your smart phone a breeze. We also have instructions on how to save the web-site as a Home Screen button on Iphone devices. 
pdfClick here...

October 1, 2013
pdf Martin County Property Appraiser 2013/14 Approved Budget

October, 2013
pdf Public Notice of 2013 Martin County Tax Roll Certification

March, 2013
What's happening in my neighborhood?
Here's a way to find information on "County" projects, 24/7 from anywhere with internet access, including mobile devices. Click here...

November, 2012
Constitutional Amendments Approved by the Voters. pdfClick here...

April, 2012
NEW: Property information summary page designed for Realtors: Click here...

This link will bring you to a lookup site that dynamically queries information from several different GIS layers for an individual property.

March, 2012
: Free standard reports available to the public. Plus, custom reports including variance buffer data. Click here...

May, 2011
Additional Property Tax Exemption for Military Personnel

An additional property tax exemption is available for military personnel.

Those who qualify are members who already have a homestead exemption, and who were deployed during the preceding calendar year on active duty outside the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii in support of any one of the following conflicts: 

  • Operation Noble Eagle, which began on September 15, 2001
  • Operation Enduring Freedom, which began on October 7, 2001
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom, which began on March 19, 2003 and ended December 15, 2011
  • Operation New Daw, which began on September 1, 2010 and ended December 15, 2011
  • Operation Odyssey Dawn, which began on March 19, 2011 and ended October 31, 2011


  • deployed for ½ year; exemption 50%
  • deployed for whole year; exemption 100%

Exemption applies to all county, city, school district, and special district taxes.
A service member’s spouse or designee may file an application on behalf of an eligible service member.  Contact the Martin County Property Appraiser’s office at 772-288-5608 prior to September 1, 2011 for filing information.

March, 2011
:   Navigator Parcel Map Search

January, 2011
:   Print icon on the Real Property Summary Page

December, 2010
iconGIS Shapefiles with Property Information 

Chinese Drywall - Property Value Impact

Click here for Amendment One Summary approved by the voters in 2008


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