In order to qualify for this exemption, the following requirements must be met:

  • The owner must be 65 years or older on January 1st.
  • The owner must have title to the property.
  • The owner must have lived in their current home for 25 years or more (as a permanent Florida resident).
  • The property must have a just or market value less than $250,000. The Property Appraiser's office will have this information.
  • The owner's 2022 adjusted gross household income amount cannot exceed $35,167. This amount is subject to change each year. Social Security income may or may not apply depending upon the amount and filing status.  Call 772-288-5608 for details.  

An applicant, who qualifies for this additional exemption, will be exempt from the entire County portion of property taxes. In addition, applicants living within the VIllage of Indiantown will also be exempt from the entire municipal portion of property taxes beginning in 2023.  This exemption does not apply to school taxes, or any taxes levied by other taxing authorities on your homestead property.