If you qualify for the Limited Income Exemption for Persons age 65 and Older and/or the Limited Income Seniors Who Have Lived in Their Current Home for 25 Years or more, there is a change to Florida Statute 196.075 which applies to you and your 2022 renewal.    

Before this law changed, owners who applied and qualified for these exemptions would have to provide our office with a financial affidavit each subsequent year. Now the law has been changed to say that once an owner initially applies and qualifies for these exemptions, they no longer need to file a financial affidavit and the exemptions will automatically be renewed each year.

Our Office is still required to notify you about the new income limitation amount, which you will receive in March each year. Upon receipt of this letter, if you determine that your total household adjusted gross income exceeds the new annual threshold amount, you must notify our office.

To qualify for 2022, the limitation for your total household adjusted gross income for 2021 cannot exceed $32,561. If your total household adjusted gross income exceeds this threshold, please contact our Office no later than May 1 at (772)288-5608 and ask for the Exemption Department.  You can also contact our Office by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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